Maintenance Requests:

You may email non-emergency requests for maintenance to:

24-hr Maintenance contact: Paul with Pfannebecker Maintenance and Repair at 319-936-5526 

*During nights & weekends only emergencies are handled.

Emergencies are:

  • Water leak
  • No heat in winter
  • No hot water
  • Toilet clog if there is only 1 bathroom
  • Strong smell of gas
  • Something very unusual

Air conditioning and other appliance problems are inconvenient, but not emergencies. They are handled during regular maintenance hours (8-5, M-F)

Maintenance costs for repairs due to Tenant negligence (most plugged toilets, most clogged sinks/disposals, failure to check electrical panel for tripped breakers, frozen water pipes due to insufficient heat, etc.) may be billed back to Tenant’s account.

Utilities & Services:

Mid American Energy* (gas/electric) – 888-427-5632,

City of Iowa City* (water/sewer/trash) – 319-356-5064,

Centurylink**(phone/internet) – 800-244-1111,

Mediacom**(cable/internet) – 888-279-5623,

*Refer to your Rental Agreement for which utilities are your responsibility

**Telephone/Television/Internet reception is a tenant responsibility


A few reminders…

-Make sure we have phone numbers and email addresses for everyone living at your rental unit.

-If your lease requires it, you must have the utility accounts set up in your name when you pick up keys – or they may be disconnected.

Rent is due on the 1st of each month. The drop boxes at each building are emptied by 8am on the 2nd of each month. Please bring late rent to the office – checks will not be collected from the boxes if deposited after the 2nd.

Please abide by all parking rules – or you may be towed. Do not park in front of dumpsters or in the way of traffic. Please do not park in your neighbor’s spot or allow guests to do so. If you are having problems and need to have someone towed from your spot call the Iowa City Police Department routine business line at: 319-356-5275. They require written authorization to tow – so be sure to have your lease with you when they arrive.