Cruise Properties, LC,  1106 N. Dodge Street,  Iowa City,  Iowa 52245

RENTAL ADDRESS: __________________________________________

LEASE TERM: 12:00 noon August 3, 2021 to 12:00 noon July 29, 2022

ALL TENANTS/ROOMMATES: (as listed on Lease Agreement)

___________________________________           ______________________________________

___________________________________           ______________________________________

___________________________________           ______________________________________

It is agreed this __________(today’s date) of _______________(month),______(year) that the Co-Signer and Tenants shall be equally responsible to ensure that all Lease Agreement terms will be adhered to.

The Undersigned is not applying to rent or occupy the unit referred to on this form. The Undersigned is agreeing to guarantee all Tenant obligations listed on the Lease Agreement. According to the Lease all Tenants are “jointly and severally” liable for the terms and conditions of the Lease. As co-signer to the Lease you are also liable under these terms. The Undersigned understands that they may be required to pay for unpaid rent, damage/cleaning charges, unpaid utilities, eviction costs, and/or any legal or court costs that are incurred due to Tenants’ failure to abide by the terms of the Lease.  The Undersigned also understands that this Co-Signer Agreement will remain in force if the tenancy is extended and/or changed in its terms.

**I understand that this agreement may be subject to Cruise Properties, LC obtaining a satisfactory credit report of financial history and hereby authorize Cruise Properties, LC to obtain this information from an authorized Credit Reporting Agency.

PLEASE NOTE: Once completed this form may be scanned and emailed to to expedite processing. The original form must also be mailed or delivered to our office. This form may not be accepted if altered from its original version. We reserve the right to contact you for verification. If requested, we can supply a copy of the Lease Agreement for your review prior to signing this form. You can also view a sample copy of our lease at Please contact our office at (319) 351-0360 or online at with any questions. Thank you.


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Co-signer for (Tenant name): _______________________________________________________

Relationship to Tenant: __________________________________________________________

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Accepted this ______day of  ________________________________, 20______:

LANDLORD: __________________________________________________________________

By,  _________________________________________________________________________

Cruise Properties, LC